Kim Kardashian unfollows Kanye West

Just days after Kanye West attacked her swain, and eventually owning up to harassing her also, Kim Kardashian has unfollowed her estranged husband.

Kanye West went on a social media rampage, where he harassed Pete Davidson, calling him Skete and also banning him (Pete Davidson) from meeting his kids.

Although Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson didn’t give a public response to Kanye’s antics, Kim Kardashian privately sent a message to Kanye West, warning against his public harassment of Pete.

Kanye later issued a public apology on his Instagram page, where he acknowledges he has been harassing Kim Kardashian, and stated he is constantly learning.

Kim Kardashian has however moved, amidst Kim’s attempts at winning her back, including sending her a truck full of flowers, she cut their digital ties by unfollowing him on Instagram.


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