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Kate Henshaw calls out police officer for trying to jump queue at fuel station



Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw, has posted a video via her Twitter account, accompanied by a tweet where she expresses the discomfort of the fuel scarcity in Nigeria.

She shared this tweet on Monday, February 7, 2022, with a video where she recorded the plate number of a car that tried to jump a queue at a petrol station.

In the video, she stated she won’t be letting the driver buy petrol without following the queue. She also reported that the driver is in uniform and his behaviour is a part of Nigeria’s problems.

The video also showed the driver behind the steering wheel of the car, who is a police officer in uniform.

“50mins still on the queue and this is what someone who is supposed to uphold the law does!”

“Jumped the queue & he was allowed inside.

“A few sane people joined me to make him leave & go wait his turn. Enough already! This suffering is too much” her tweet reads.


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