Loans: National Assembly has stabilised Nigerian economy —  Lawan

The president of the Nigerian Senate, Ahmed Lawan, has claimed the national assembly stabilised the Nigerian economy.

NewsWireNGR recalls the national assembly under the leadership of Lawan has not for once rejected a loan offer proposed by the executives led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

This action has earned the NASS a reputation of being a rubber stamp, a description Lawan has repeatedly disputed.

Speaking with journalists on Wednesday in Abuja, Lawan said the nation needs to generate more revenue to reduce its borrowing.

According to him; “Nobody likes taking loans or debt whether as an individual or a country”.

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“But what do you do when you are not generating enough? We are concerned about our level of borrowing, and the best way to reduce it is to get funds from independent sources.

“We expect that when we generate more we borrow less.

“This national assembly I daresay has stabilised the Nigerian economy. Anybody that wants to challenge this statement can do so,” he said.

“I also daresay, the ninth national assembly stabilised the polity. Imagine every day we were fighting either ourselves or the executive, we know there is a price to pay.

“Mark me, some of the people saying these people [calling the national assembly names] are ignorant or mischievous because they don’t want us to succeed.”

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