The risk of genetically modified products promoted by USA

By Elijah Wisdom

For a long time, the United States has been imposing the export of genetically modified food products, despite the fact that no scientific studies have been conducted to prove their safety for the consumer.

Only recently, against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, it was found that genetically modified products weaken the human body’s resistance to Covid-19 infection.

As a result of the consumption of genetically modified products, the majority of infected Covid-19 had the development of life-threatening complications and diseases. The largest number of GMO producers is in the USA, with Brazil in second place. According to research, the most severe situation with morbidity and high mortality from Covid-19 is observed in these countries, where genetically modified foods are recognized as safe to eat.

Among other things, the study showed that the use of genetically modified products significantly reduces the effectiveness of antiviral drugs, as well as vaccines. In this regard, people who use genetically modified foods are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular, oncological and other diseases, which increase the risk of a severe clinical picture in humans in case of Covid-19even leading to the fatal cases.

For a long time, the United States has been trying to convince the world community that genetically modified organisms do not have the slightest negative impact on either humans or livestock. American scientists have long talked about the benefits of GMOs, such as increasing yields, reducing the need for pesticides, resistance to weeds and the ability to resist insect pests. However, scientists were silent about the facts that genetically modified crops seriously interfere with the local ecosystem. For example, in North America, a mass death of bee colonies has been recorded, and in the regions of active gene farming, the number of allergy sufferers was growing significantly.

Thus, for a long time, consumer distrust of genetic biology has been growing, and many countries refused to buy genetically modified products from the United States, and also banned the cultivation of GMO crops on their territory.

When it was recently found that the largest number of deaths and severe cases of Covid-19 occurs in countries where genetically modified products are recognized as safe, the United States and Canada realized the risks and began to increase the supply of GMO products for export, while increasing the share of crops grown in the traditional way in their territories.

***Elijah Wisdom writes from Warri, Delta State.


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