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I’m grateful my marriage failed — Dancer, Kaffy



Nigerian dancer and Guinness world record holder, Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, stage name Kaffy has in a recent Instagram post shared she is grateful she got a divorce.

The Guinness world record holder took to her Instagram page on Wednesday to share this.

Her post reads “Those who know I am more than a dancer. I explore my full humanity through Dance”

“I am an advocate for human excellence and productivity. My marriage failed for so many reasons and I am grateful I failed because I was blind and now I see. Follow me and I go show you wetin I see so you won’t fail like me. And if you do… you shall RISE… I am KAFFY… STILL I RISE”

The dancer, in her recent Podcast episode titled mindfulness, expressed that she had to endure a toxic marriage.

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She said being mindful “is just being very in tune, very sensitive, intentional about everything you do”

While speaking about her plans for 2022 which includes more screen time for her and her being more expressive, she also talks about her marriage to her ex-husband, Joseph Ameh.

She said “I was in a bitter place, angry place, frustrated space and I got freedom from that place and I now had to be healing”

“I look at my ex-husband now and I don’t feel a type of way, instead I’m wishing him the best”.

She expressed that she feels better now and she sees life with more clarity because she’s learnt a lot. She also explained breaking off her marriage was an important step.

“Taking a chance of breaking off this marriage was also to see that we both grew in what we really, really are supposed to be”

“Rather than looking at someone as the problem, you could be the problem of that person. Being an enabler of someone not being able to do what they are supposed can also mean that you are not supposed to be that space”

She also explains that life isn’t about conforming to what the world wants, but being yourself in a state that it pleases certain people will attract the right people.

She ended the podcast advising people to learn and grow and they should “affirm greatness to themselves” because people need to go deep within themselves to be better and to attract what they want.

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