Actress, Rahama Sadau join calls to Secure the North #SecureNorth #NorthIsBleeding

Nigerian Actress, Rahama Sadau born and raised in Kaduna, has joined calls to secure the North from terrorists and bandits killing and stealing from citizens across the region.

She took to her twitter handle to post a graphics along with a heartbreaking emoji “secure north”.

Secure north is now a social campaign on social media where young people continue to agitate and call on authorities especially the President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime to act fast as more communities in the region are being sacked as a result of terrorist activities.

Rahama who appears in many Nigerian movies in both Hausa and English and is one of the few Nigerian actors from the region who has posted a message in support of the campaigners who want an end to the level of insecurity in Northern Nigeria.

In northern Nigeria, young people are at risk of violence amid an increase in kidnappings by Islamists groups, bandits, terrorists.

According to the bookings Institute, In spite of government efforts, the security situation in Nigeria is deteriorating – the lingering conflict between herders and farmers in north-central Nigeria has been rated six times deadlier than the Boko Haram insurgency.

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