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Catholic Archdiocese advocates more shelters for victims of gender-based violence



The Justice, Development and Peace Centre (JDPC), Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, has called for the establishment of more shelters across the country for victims of gender-based violence.

JDPC made the call on Saturday in a communique issued at the end of the 2021 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

JDPC said in the communique signed by its Director, ‘Rev. Fr. Raymond Anoliefo.

”Most women stay back in their homes, where they experienced violence because most of them do not know how to build their lifes, they do not know where to go to, if their families had turned back.

”So shelters are important, not just shelters to lay their heads, but shelter where they are offered empowerment.

“Shelters where they are given entrepreneurship training that will set them up to live independently,” JDPC said in the communique signed by its Director, ‘Rev. Fr. Raymond Anoliefo.

It said that the issue of violence against women was one of the major contemporary issues of the 21st century, stressing the need to better advocate for the protection of the rights and welfare of women.

The communique also noted the need to sensitise and ignite conversations to confront the menace.

It called for better enforcement of the plethora of laws enacted for the protection of women from violence in Nigeria and formulate gender-based policies and establish a framework to monitor the enforcement of relevant laws and policies.

According to the communique, enacting and enforcing laws will act as deterrent to offenders.

The communique harped on the need to create awareness among the populace on the scourge of violence against women, and to equip and train those who work with victims of gender-based violence.

It said that it was imperative to foster international cooperation and dialogue for the ratification of emerging instruments for the holistic protection of women.

The communique said that there was need to work toward the inclusion of gender education into the national curriculum across all levels of education to help curtail the root causes of violence against women.

”There is need to make adequate budgetary allocations to relevant MDAs responsible for sensitising and supporting the populace on gender rights issues.

”We call on all stakeholders including the government, institutions, families, to prioritise the protection of the women and girls, from all manifestations of violence, and provide an enabling environment for all women and girls to thrive in the Nigerian society.

”This is in view of the foregoing and the drive towards achieving the targets of the Goal 5 of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals,” it said.

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