Actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima to portray Mary Slessor in an upcoming movie

There’s a Nollywood movie currently being produced after the life of a Historical figure and feminist of that era, Mary Mitchell Slessor at Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, South South Nigeria.

The Nollywood movie currently being directed by Moses Eskor according to NewsWireNGR sources, will feature actors like Zack Orji, Segun Arinze amongst others.

For an estimated $1bn industry producing about 2,500 films each year – United Nation’s cultural body, Unesco, has rated Nollywood as the world’s second-largest film industry in terms of output – and Senegal were examples of African countries with defined business models and growing avenues for local film productions, which are increasingly sought after by television and streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+.

Mary Slessor , was a Scottish Presbyterian missionary to Nigeria. Once in Nigeria, Slessor learned Efik, one of the numerous local languages, then began teaching. Because of her understanding of the native language and her bold personality Slessor gained the trust and acceptance of the locals and was able to spread Christianity while promoting women’s rights and protecting native children.

She is most famous for having stopped the common practice of infanticide of twins in Okoyong, an area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

Mary Slessor was born on 2 December 1848 in Gilcomston, Aberdeen, Scotland to a poor working-class family, who could not afford proper education. She was the second of seven children of Robert and Mary Slessor.

The actress, Ibinabo made her debut as a film actress in the movie Most Wanted and has since gone on to star in several Nigerian films – She was also second runner-up for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 1998.

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