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How to identify and trace unknown caller ID in Nigeria



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Well, probably a prank, a mistake or intentional, nobody like to be dialled with an unknown number. Some Nigerians as a matter of precaution prefer not to pick such calls.

Remember that Uncle you will need to text before he would be able to pick a call from another number not saved in his contacts list?

Anyway, if you are the type that is curious and would like to find out the identity of a caller using just the provided digits as supplied by your telecommunication service provider, below are some tricks to track the ID of unknown numbers.

Search Engine

Comb the web with the help of search engines like Google to trace the identity of an unknown caller in Nigeria. Type the number in the search box. . If no result, you may try to include the country code such as +234 for Nigeria and +1 for the United States (US). You are likely to get a result if the number belongs to a company (such as numbers on a company’s website) for instance. It may also appear in search results if it was referenced by another internet user, probably on a forum or comment section of a site.

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Social Media

Most social media platforms want to make connections easier. This is why they permit the use of phone numbers to sign up or include in users bio. Save the unknown caller’s contact on your phone and check the identity via WhatsApp (may delete afterwards). You can also search the number of the Unknown Caller in Nigeria directly on Facebook or Twitter. Associated accounts should pop up in the search result if available. Meanwhile, for social media like Twitter, users are permitted to turn off the option of been found via their phone number.

Phone Apps (such as Truecaller)

There are numerous phone Apps you can use to identify an unknown caller. One of the most popular in Nigeria is TrueCaller. It is available to download for free on Apps store compatible with your phone.

Reverse Phone Lookup

It is not impossible to receive a call from an international number. To try identify this, reverse phone lookup sites may come handy. Try online platforms like,,, etc. Most of these sites share not just the name of the caller but also the home address.

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