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Sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable, Cleric warns Christians



Pastor Sarah Omakwu, the Senior Pastor of Family Worship Center (FWC), on Sunday admonished Christians against homosexuality and lesbianism.

According to her, the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable sins clearly written in both the old and new testament of the Holy Bible.

Omakwu spoke at the end of the 2021 Anvil Singles Network Conference organised by the church’s Single Network themed, “Epignosis”.

She said that no matter the pressure of modernization, westernization, or civilization, the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable sins that brings forth the wrath and anger of God.

“The Holy Bible is our guide as Christians, and no matter what the internet says, the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable.

“Having sex through the anus is against nature, it is against the natural use of the anus which is for passing out waste.

“Men who have sex with other men do not have a place in God’s kingdom, also Husbands should not force their wives into having sex through the anus, it is an abomination,” she said.

Omakwu noted if God judged and punished the sin of homosexuality in the old testament, according to the Holy Bible, he would still judge and punish homosexuality in these age and time.

She appealed and advised those involved in such acts to seek counselling, ask God for forgiveness and repent from their sinful ways.

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Omakwu said that the Lord God Almighty was full of compassion and wants everyone to come to him in repentance and not die in sin.

She advised unmarried people to conduct themselves in godly manner in the society and to serve God with everything that they had including their time, talents, strength and resource.

According to her, in the days of your youth, that is when you can serve God with ease, so give God all the best of your youth.

“Being single is a time to be an example as believers, be incorruptible in spirit, soul and body, and serve God.

“Do not take advantage of people, do not rob others, do not sleep with other people’s husbands or wives, learn to control your body and abstain from sexual immoralities.

“Couples also should honour the institute of marriage and not take advantage of one another in the name of marriage.

“None is superior to another in marriage, but the man according to the Holy Bible is the head of the home and the leader of family, he should lead as God in the family, not a dictator.

“Women and wives should find something to do, learn a skill, start a trade and be supportive to your husbands, love your husband, respect him and care for him.

“Parents should learn to take parenting seriously because it is the most important duty of a husband and wive or a father and mother to raise godly children for God,” she said.

She appealed to parents to make their children their priorities by paying close attention to what their children are listening to or watching on their phones.

She said above all, parents should train, teach and raise their children to know God and to be good citizens of Nigeria.


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