‘That boy only smokes weed’: Prophet praises Naira Marley in church, sings ‘Aye’

A Nigerian cleric identified as Prophet Gabriel Evans has praised controversial artiste and ‘Aye’ singer, Naira Marley during a sermon.

The prophet speaking in Yoruba said the singer only smokes weed but he is in his right senses while singing the song titled ‘Aye’, which he released in 2020.

Prophet Evans said, “Naira Marly, he is in his right senses”, he continued by singing lyrics to the song ‘Aye’ in Yoruba, translated “This life is not difficult. People are the ones that makes it difficult…”. At this moment, youth members of the church and choristers could be heard in the background singing along.

The pastor in appreciation blessed them with lyrics from the same song saying; “you will be the ones to bury your mothers”. A sudden silence echoed through the church. But to clarify his prayer, he asked, “Aren’t you the one that will bury your mother?”

Screenshot from the video

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