‘You are your opposite gender for a week, what are the things you will try out?’

Sometimes we all feel like the opposite gender has some privilege over ours. This is how a Nigerian felt, at least presumably and decided to ask others what they felt.

The Nigerian in a post on a popular forum, Nairaland, asked; “Sometimes, we admire some things about the opposite sex and we wish for a chance to try some things they do just to know how it feels.
So as an opposite sex, what do you want to try so you can experience the feeling?”

Below are some responses from other users of the forum;

chatinent (female):

I’d call my boyfriend and tell him I am not well.

I don’t want to go to any hospital; I prefer Apples, or Chicken Republic’s hospitality. He’d come and carry me out to Apples. I’ll still use my un-wellness to download at least, ?50,000 of food, chicken, and anything my father cannot afford on a normal. I am not greedy. We will go to KYC too. That reminds me, I like Isi Ewu in the evening.

I’ll give my iPhone 12 to my younger bro then tell my boyfriends I was robbed of it with sober reflections. I’d feign tears and he’ll get me the iPhone 13. I’ll do this for all my boyfriends on different dates because I am loyal.

I’ll come online and be chatting to my constituency of boyfriends; from the deputy, to vice, to boyfriend of reps, to the comptroller, to chief comptroller, to the last man, the executive director. I have lost count, don’t mind me…but I saved them in two long-note books.

I will post on my status: “I can’t love you less, Michael, and change the privacy so only him can see it. That’s how I’ll do it for all of them who bought me things.

I’ll make sure my phone is on airplane mode while with know, I hate it when my faithfulness is questioned.

They will all send me money and I’ll go shopping…mine, and all my family.

I’ll come on Nairaland to say I am single too..who knows, another person may fill in other vacancies..maybe as administrative boyfriend, or boyfriend minister of information.

Let me stop here.

The future is female.

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 Sonnobax15 (male):

That period which they are always fond of missing, thereby giving a guyman a HBP, I go try know how e dey look like when it goes missing.

Then if I don eventually find am, I go still bill my boo-boo.

 siofra (female):

Tell my friend to hit me in the balls. I want to know how that feels if these boys have not been lying, crying that it’s painful.

peacettw (female):

Do absolutely nothing whilst expecting everyone in my family to respect and treat me like a king.

Use the deep voice on people with the sole aim of intimidating them.

Go to meetings and say absolute gibberish every few minutes or so just to see if I can command everyone’s attention just cos I am male.

Talk rudely to my female bosses to see if they will take it or fight back

I am curious to see if men truly think with their third leg so will check that out too.

Almost forgot, go out with my friends and come back late at night or even the next day cos I know I won’t be questioned.

 Tzar (male):

I will get a good job & prove to men that I don’t have to monetize my body or affection.
I will also not sexualize myself so I don’t get to be called a wh*re. Because if you look & talk like a wh*re, you are a wh*re.

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