‘Accept 2.2 CGPA or have spill over to get 2.1?’

If there is anything a Nigerian undergraduate student worries about, it is the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Many scholarship opportunities are reserved for students and graduates with a higher CGPA. Likewise high paying job opportunities.

A graduate who was presented two options: graduate now with a lower CGPA (2.2) or wait an additional year with a chance to graduate with a higher CGPA (2.1).

Sharing his experience on a popular forum, Nairaland, and asking other users opinions, an OP, Irijosa777, posted: “I wrote my final exam in July this year, few weeks later I was in Delta when my course adviser called me to come to school (Uniben), that it’s a matter of urgency, I went to school, then I meet her in the HOD office. She told me I failed two courses in my final exam. She said the department is going to upgrade one too.

“Then wave the other one to me but by imprecation, I will graduate as a 2.2 student.

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“When I thought about it if I should accept it or come back again to write the two courses (one in 1st semester and the other in 2nd semester) to get a 2.1, it was a hard decision for me to make but then I made the decision to accept the offer because of the following reason.
1. Uniben is becoming too stressful/ I’m already tired.
2. The financial expenses involved
3. Economics department in Uniben is not a joke.
4. The probability of me getting “A”s if rewrite the two courses is very low.
5. ASUU and strike

Based on the following reasons I accepted the offer, result came out I graduated as a 2.2 student but somehow I started feeling sad. Though 2.2 is not the best but then I also graduate myself. I can’t come and kill myself ( schooling in Nigeria university is like war).

If I may ask, did I took the wrong decision?

Opinions please!

Reacting, a user, chatinent, said; “Inasmuch as I understand Nigeria isn’t nice, I would have written for a better grade.

“I don’t settle for less.”

Sixsigmahub: “Well, you are liable for your decisions but I personally will have chosen to stay one more year for a 2.1

“No be say you go get job immediately or go for service. You fit still spend that one year for house las las.”

lilvicky68: “If you had stayed one year and still failed the courses or gotten E.. it would have been painful..

“E get some courses wey dey stress people.”

Drizzy5001: “You made a good decision, what if schools now go on strike or you come re-write am still get D?? Truly to study Economics in the university, no be beans, that’s what I’m studying in Coou, Igbariam campus.”

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