How Boko Haram killed 75 elders at an abattoir in my local government — Senator Ndume

Senator Ali Mohammed Ndume who represents Borno South has vowed insurgents would not be granted amnesty because “we will not allow government to do that”.

The senator also revealed he is a victim of the terrorists’ heinous attacks because they killed 75 elders in his local government.

In an interview with Vanguard, Ndume said; “No they (terrorists) are not going to be granted amnesty, we cannot, we will not support or we will not allow government to do that. Like I told you, I am a victim. In one night they killed our elders, 75 of them, and slaughtered them in an abattoir.

“I keep saying this because of that gruesome murder of our elders, innocent people… I lost all my houses in my town.

“They burnt it down to ground zero, they burnt almost 70 per cent of my local government, they destroyed the structures; in my local government, over two million people were displaced”.

While commending the army’s effort, Ndume said; “We have this memory fresh in our minds. The end of war is a very welcome development and that is because the Nigerian Army is putting the heat on them.

“ISWAP is putting the heat on the followers of Shekau (B/Haram leader killed by rival group), and those mostly surrendering now are those that belong to the Shekau faction”.

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Speaking on the rehabilitation of some surrendered members of the terrorist group; “So the army has issued a statement that they are going to profile them, they are going to process them, those that need to be prosecuted will be prosecuted the those that need to be rehabilitated will be rehabilitated.

“Those that need to be resettled will be resettled. But like I have said, we call on government not to give priority to resettling the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

“The priority will be resettlement, rehabilitation, reconstruction of the victims. And we have them all over scattered.

That is why I want the media to understand that there is no way, I’ve not heard government say they are going to grant blanket amnesty. It was good news that they said these our enemies are now surrendering.

“And we said ‘okay if they are surrendering they are welcome, but they have to go through the due process’.

“They have to face the law. Even in America, Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp is still there after 20 years. And I understand that they still have up to 40 people there out of thousands before. And it was gradual, it took them 20 years to reduce that number”.

NewsWireNGR recalls the Nigerian Military in August received about 1,500 Commanders and Members of ISWAP-Boko Haram in a mass surrender orchestrated by a special intelligence-driven operation by the Nigerian Army.

Some former top commanders of the terrorist groups, including Adamu Rugurugu, and their family members have so far surrendered to the Nigerian military at various designated locations in Borno State.

Some of the terrorists surrendered with their families at Bama, Mafa and Gwoza areas over the weekend.

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