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APC in Benue says it will boycott Ortom’s stakeholder’s meeting

All Progressive Congress (APC) has asked his members to boycott the stakeholders’ meeting holding on Monday, August 30, 2021 at government house, Makurdi.

The state government had extended an invitation to the opposition party to discuss  the proposed privatization of state industries.

The state caretaker Publicity Secretary of the party, James Orgunga, in a statement  entitled, “Benue APC Not Party To Ortom’s Ineffectual  Stakeholders’ Meetings Anymore” said that the decision to boycott the meeting was due to frequent attacks on the federal government by the state governor.

Orgunga in the statement said, “it is apprehensive about the recent grandstanding of Governor Samuel Ortom and his team, especially now that they are quick to malign and castigate the federal government for failing the Benue people without presenting proofs of the governor’s love for the state which should manifest through a credible scorecard of overwhelming tactile projects.

He explained that the party had shown understanding with the Ortom government in the past by voluntarily gave free ideas that would improve the state but regretted that such ‘good ideas’ were  not implemented and accused govermor Ortom of resorting in  blame games and media denigration of the president, which  he claimed had provided more verifiable projects in Benue than the governor.

“With this conspicuous crave by the governor to canonize himself and demonize President Buhari and the APC, we WARN all APC members to steer clear of these so- called stakeholders’ meetings  that are manifestly intended to legitimize the governor’s  unholy TV outbursts; the new dimension he has adopted to launch his 2023 campaigns as well as cover up his many failings.”

“Benue APC cannot continue to expend workable ideas on a government that honestly lacks policy direction and is merely clutching at straws hence, we urge all our members to distance themselves from this meeting as the party shall not hesitate to apply sanctions against any recalcitrant member found at the meeting.”

“Already, the Ortom administration having failed to build even a single industry for the state in more than six years, has resolved to SELL all the legacy companies of the state that were established and built by his predecessors, an action he is scouting for other  accomplices to validate his deeds with unsophisticated endorsements.”

“It is widely reported that some helpless groups that are tied to his apron string have been cajoled into   giving a nod to this destructively unclear  privatization agenda but the APC in Benue State shall no longer share tables with people who are out to ruin the entire fortunes of Benue through reckless spendings on media wars against the presidency but refusing to invest in agriculture where the state has comparative advantage.

“We once again, re-echoe that the APC in Benue is not on the same page with Governor Samuel Ortom in his mindless billingsgate against President Muhammadu Buhari and the party is diametrically opposed to his cunning privatization agenda which is a conscious step towards putting the final nail in  Benue’s underdevelopment coffin”, the statement read in parts.

But in a swift response, the state governor, Samuel Ortom said that the presence of the opposition party at the meeting will do his administration no favour.

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