‘As far as Nigeria is concerned, women are less corrupt’ – Peter Obi

Former Governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, says Nigerian women are less corrupt than men.

He said this when he appeared in a programme on Arise Television on Monday.

“I have worked with women. They are less corrupt. As far as Nigeria is concern, women are less corrupt. When I was a chairman of a bank, the key drivers of the bank; Treasurer, etc were women and they were fantastic. As governor, from my chief of staff down to others, those who helped me were women.

“They are more caring, and because they have families, when you talk about education, they are more passionate about it. When you talk about supporting small businesses they are passionate. They can understand it because they are running families.

“We need to involve women more. Ruben, you were in government when Ngozi Okonji-Iweala was begging us to save money. Look at the mess we are today. Had we listened to that woman, she was crying and said we have 20bn dollars in the excess crude, let’s put it in a sovereign wealth fund. If we had done that, we won’t be where we are today.

Speaking further on corruption, Obi threw his weight behind the former military head of state, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babagida, IBB, who had said the corruption index in the country is worse and more pervasive at the moment than his time in power.

Obi said: “I agree hundred percent with IBB. Nigeria is far more corrupt now than then. If there is anything that has had consistent growth, probably competing with the world, it’s corruption. You can’t compare what is happening today to the military regime.

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