Hushpuppi: Adamu Garba II defends Abba Kyari, says he is a ‘patriotic officer’

Former presidential candidate and businessman, Adamu Garba II, has thrown his weight behind Nigeria ‘Super Cop’, Abba Kyari, following the latter’s indictment by the US Department of Justice of being an accomplice in a fraudulent scheme masterminded by Ramon Abass, a.ka. Hushpuppi.

NewsWireNGR earlier reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal complaint lodged at the United States District Court in California had listed Hushpuppi and Kyari among six suspects indicted in the international fraud conspiracy.

Defending DCP Abba Kyari, Adamu Garba II posted on his social media handle; “Abba Kyari is a big price for Nigerian Intelligence circle, a strong, effective and patriotic officer. He should not easily be allowed to be taken without a proper counter-response from the Nigerian State. He deserved our unquantifiable solidarity.

“Why isn’t George Bush tried for crimes against humanity in Iraq for the fake war? why won’t Hilary Clinton be arrested for Benghazi saga? why not Sarkozy tried in Libya but France? Abba Kyari should be tried in Nigeria too.

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“In the quest for justice, when it’s within your country, then justice must be served in your country, but when it involved other countries, justice must not supersede your national interests. Abba Kyari is our national interest here.

“We should defend Nigerians wherever they are and ensure that they are treated according to Nigerian laws, provided they’re not international criminals.

“For those saying I defended Abba Kyari because he is from the north. What about my ceaseless defense of Chief Allen Onyema when allegations of bank fraud and money laundering was brought against him by a certain court in Atlanta, USA? Was he also a Fulani man?

“I had wanted Igboho and Kanu to also come back to Nigeria and answer for their charges because they are Nigerians.

“You see, guys, whatever the case, we should never give up on Nigerians provided they’ve done something great and extraordinary for our country like Abba Kyari and Allen Onyema has done.

“Keep Huspuppi and his other co-conspirators aside, they are dangerous criminals of international stage and should be treated as such wherever they’re found wanting.

“If we throw our important and commited citizens when there are certain actions that we can do to stop it”.

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