6 important things women want from men

There is this popular myth that while men know what they want in women (mostly physical features), women do not know what they want in men. 

Well, this has never been true. 

Women just as men have a range of qualities that they want in their potential dating mates. And men who are smart have identified these qualities and used it to stay clear of their peers in the dating game. 

The mastery of these range of features discussed in this article is why that guy you hate is the ladies favourite while you have a very low turnover rate of ladies who are even interested in you. 

And yes, you do not need to be handsome before you become an attractive dating partner. 

Here they are:

  •  Confidence

If you are a direct and confident man, you will easily catch the attention and love of women. Many ladies are irritated by passive men who have no clear intention or solid plan. These men make dating a frustrating experience instead of fun. 

A popular saying by David Klow goes: “women like direct men the same way a salsa dancer likes a good lead. When there is clarity and direction, she feels relaxed. If she can’t trust his movements, they step on one another’s toes. If he is direct and clear in his leadership, however, everyone wins.” 

  • Integrity 

Men have varying emotional needs and women just understand that. While some men are in the hunt for women to satisfy their sexual needs, some want a serious relationship while some are looking to get married as possible. 

What a woman wants is that you state your intention clearly and she will ride with you if your needs match. 

Keep this in your note: integrity separates men from the boys.  

  • Emotional availability 

Picture this; your lady lover has been moody all day. But whenever you ask her what is wrong, she never opens up but just tells you she will be fine. 

Have you been in this shoe before? 

Well, what it means is that she most likely does not trust your emotional maturity yet. 

Women experience a wider range of emotion than men and what they absolutely love is a man they can share these experiences with without looking awkward. 

They, of course, want you to share your experiences with them as well. 

  • Respect 

You might have heard this, “women need love and men need respect”. Well, you might need to add this to the list of superfluous stories you have heard. 

Women just as men deserve respect and they want a man who will respect them, respect their friends, respect their choices and respect their sacrifices to the relationship. 

  • Sense of humour 

I do not know if you have noticed, but a lot of male comedians have beautiful wives. Well, this is majorly because of their ability to make people laugh. 

You do not need to binge “how to be funny” videos on YouTube before you catch a woman’s attention. Just aim to have a relaxed face, goof around, share comedy skits with her and most importantly, laugh at her jokes. 

  • Maturity 

Women want to introduce their partner to their friends and families with the confidence that it will not look like they made a terrible decision. 

Exude a high level of reasoning, behave like an adult, learn the art of two-way communication and most importantly conflict resolution. 

Being in a romantic relationship is a pulsating journey that requires a lot from you and your partner. No one would like to do it with a man that is still mentally a child.  

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