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Benin Republic government uncuff Igboho, grants him access to wife three times a day



The prison officials in Benin Republic have reportedly uncuffed Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho, but he remains in detention.  

He has also been given access to meet his wife three times daily. 

This development was communicated by the Communications Manager of Ilana Omo Oodua, Maxwell Adeleye, while giving an update on the state of Igboho’s health. 

He said, “We are pleased to inform all Yoruba People and well-wishers that the Security Operatives in Benin Republic have removed leg chain and hand-cuffs from Chief Ighoho since Saturday evening. 

“Chief Ighoho’s Wife has now been granted access to meet her husband three times daily. 

“Medical Personnel provided by our legal team have examined Chief Sunday Adeyemo. 

“We reiterate that Chief Ighoho is not under any immigration-related probe in Benin Republic. 

“Chief Sunday Adeyemo will appear in court this morning in Benin Republic to face the likely extradition charges to be brought against him by the Nigerian Government. 

“We urge supporters from Nigeria not to bother coming to the court premises in Bénin. Kindly stay in Nigeria and support with prayers and whatever you can do within the ambit of the law. We are confident that Chief Igboho shall be set free.”

Recall this paper had on Sunday reported that Igboho’s lawyer, Ibrahim Salami, a Beninese Yoruba and law lecturer, explained his trial would be in three stages; noting he has already completed the first. 

“In Benin here, there are three stages (judicial protocol) of trial. 

“The first is with the prosecutor, the second one is with the investigating judge and the third will determine whether he is guilty and should be sentenced or not. 

“The next phase is on Monday. The first phase with the prosecutor has been concluded. 

“When we get to court on Monday, we will be facing the investigation judge, and after that, we will face the judge that will determine whether he should be sentenced or not. 

“Before the end of Monday, we will know if the Benin Republic government wants to jail or release him. That will be clear on Monday.”

Igboho was arrested on Monday night, July 19, after fleeing Nigeria to evade arrest by Nigeria’s secret police.  

According to report, a source privy to his departure from Nigeria said he had perfected plans to secretly escape from Nigeria through Cotonou and was heading to Germany.  

He was, however, nabbed by security operatives in the neighboring country.  

Another source who is privy to the incident, said: “Sunday Igboho has been arrested in Cotonou. He was arrested about an hour ago.”  

“He was supposed to travel to Germany through Cotonou this night. He wanted to leave Africa through Cotonou. He was arrested by security operatives in Cotonou.” 

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