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PHOTO: Nigerians react as James Manager kneels before James Ibori



The social media on Friday was flooded with an image of Delta South Senator, James Manager kneeling before a former governor of the state, James Ibori.

The picture has generated different reactions with some Nigerians being indifferent about the picture, while some condemned it, stating the fact that James Manager is a five-term senator while Ibori is a former governor and also an ex-convict. According to their argument, Ibori should be the one seeking the favour of Manager and not the other way around. Others however argued otherwise.

Below are some comments we gathered on social media:

Samuel HighlyFavoured Ekiyor @Sammie_Rockie14

First Ibori is older than James Manager,secondly Ibori is his boss, thirdly Ibori was praying for him with kola and drink.

As Africans it is believed that during such, the receiver should kneel down. To me it’s not a big deal….

Festus A. Adejoro @FestusAdejoro

We need to study how James Ibori managed to stay “relevant” as far as Delta State politics is concerned. Its mind-boggling how our people can be chained to the past like this-an inglorious past.

Joseph Nakes @Jnakes77

I think that’s their tradition though, when you present drinks & kola-nut, to an elder they have to kneel regardless whether the elder is an ex-convict or not. Just like the Yoruba they lie down when they great an elder. For the record I’m not a fan of James Ibori.

GEORGE @Ugonwanne4

Delta State is what Lagos State is to Tinubu. If you know, you know… You can’t do anything in Delta State without the authorization of Ibori. The only difference between him and Bat, is that Ibori is more hidden than Bat. He loves playing underground politics and kingship.

Goptech @Gabrielonoriode

A son should always respect his father and his benefactor no matter it’s status

Without ibori manager can’t get to anywhere in Delta politics

He is just trying to show his loyality to his boss.

donned @dele_ayeni

Kneeling down or prostration during greeting is enough as a sign of respect but not to be in that position while explaining things. It’s slavery and the guy manager is just paying bills to keep earning bogus pay without doing anything. Na God Ibori be?

Sam Obi @SamObi9

Very shameful scene, kneeling in front of an ex-convict, anyway each region & State in Nigeria values & protects its criminal, reason we are not making any progress.

ConcernedFlag of NigeriaNigerian @lagospikin

Very shameful for James Manager at 61 to be kneeling down for someone he is older than. Tueh.

The governorship of Delta has been under rotation amongst the 3 senatorial zones; from Delta Central to South & now North. It’s the turn of Central, Ijaws have to wait for another 9yrs.

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