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‘Pray for Buhari so we can enjoy the benefits of a better Nigeria’ – Tinubu says

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Former governor of Lago State and National Chairman of the APC, Bola Tinubu, has asked Muslims to pray for President Buhari and also remember the governors and other leaders in their prayers so that they could continue to confront and surmount the challenges facing the country.

“By so doing, together we can enjoy the benefits of a better Nigeria,” he stated in his Eid-el-Kabir message to the nation.

He also urged them to dedicate themselves to greater adherence and obedience to the compassionate and spiritually nourishing commands of Almighty Allah.

Tinubu, in a statement on Monday in Lagos, urged the people not to forget the poor and vulnerable among them.

He encouraged Muslims never to forget the reason for Eid-el-Kabir and to reach out to give solace and succour to those unable to help themselves

“I extend my warmest greetings to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Nigeria and around the world.

“We give utmost gratitude to Almighty Allah SWT for His munificent blessings and abiding love for all mankind.

“To be a good Muslim is to be a caring and generous human being therefore, show brotherly concern and compassion to all,” he said.

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