Amid mass defection to APC in Zamfara, Deputy Governor stands alone in PDP

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Amid the defection of Zamfara State Governor,  Bello Matawalle to the All Progressives Congress (APC), the deputy governor, Mahdi Gusau has said he will remain in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

Matawalle, along with all of Zamfara’s three senators, six House representatives and 24 state lawmakers defected to the ruling APC on Tuesday.  

Reacting to the mass defection, Gusau revealed he will stand alone with the party. 

“I will continue to stand by our party and the people who stood by us in our time of need,” he told a press briefing after Matawalle’s defection.

“I accept the consequences of my decision in good faith.”

The deputy Governor further said he took the decision to stay with the PDP after “deep” consultation with his friends, family and the party.

This decision he took partly because he was not aware of the mass defection as neither Matawalle or the defectors told him of their planned action. 

He admitted hearing rumours of the defection but only confirmed it when the defection materialised on Tuesday.

He noted decision to leave him out was “deliberate and another ploy to sow discontent” in his relationship with the governor.

Gusau called Matawalle’s defection a “bold move” that gives opportunity to “apportion more energy in addressing the myriad challenges faced by our people.”

“A lot can be achieved with this renewed vigour and focus,” Gusau added.

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