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“Anti-democratic, unconstitutional” – TechHer Condemns Twitter Ban by Buhari-led Government #KeepitOn

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The announcement on Friday by @NigeriaGov banning @Twitter operations in Nigeria is “condemn-able and an affront to the fundamental human rights of Nigerians”.

TechHer in a statement issued Saturday and made available to NewsWireNGR, reads in parts, “We’re deeply concerned that this draconian act rolls back democratic gains made over the years”- the statement added, “Banning Twitter or any other social media directly attacks the voices of Nigerians and limits their contribution to the growth of democracy and development”.

The Organization condemned the directive by the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, calling for the arrest of citizens who have defied this illegal Federal Government ban. “No one should be prosecuted for exercising a constitutional right to freedom of expression”, the statement continued.

According to TechHer, digital spaces like Twitter have strengthened and amplified the voices of women and girls, circumventing existing barriers and negative gender norms. “It has provided unprecedented opportunities to access information, participate in the public sphere and improve livelihoods”.

It says, while the rest of the world takes advantage of what technology offers for growth and jobs for the unemployed, Nigeria should not be seen to be moving in the opposite direction, shrinking civic space.

“This ban is anti-democratic, unconstitutional, and we call for its immediate reversal. We also call on Nigerians to stand firm in the face of oppression as we remain committed to building our dear nation”.

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