‘I fight my own battles; I don’t report anyone to my husband’ – Remi Tinubu

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Senator Oluremi Tinubu says she does not report anyone to her husband, the national chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC; instead, she fights her own battles.

The Senator representing Lagos Central, said this while featuring on a TVC breakfast show, ‘Your View’ on Friday.

 “That you have a position doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself to that position, because the position will go and then, do you go back and find yourself? You have to be yourself in every situation.

“Most of the time when people see me talk strongly, yes, I am Asiwaju’s wife but Asiwaju is somebody that I don’t go home to report anyone to because he would tell me, ‘you are wrong’. I don’t know why but when you have a husband who tells you, ‘you are wrong’ when you are right, in your own view, would you go back to such a person? So, I do my own fight when I have to, especially in what I believe in.” She said

The Senator also addressed a viral social media video and allegations that she called a lady known as Arinola a thug during the Constitutional Review public hearings in Lagos on Wednesday.

According to her, she asked Oloko if she was a thug and not that she called her a thug. She said, “I only asked a question and I expected her to say, ‘Ma’am, I am not a thug’”.

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