‘I’m ashamed of myself’ – Brekete Family radio host apologizes for assaulting studio guest

Ahmed Isah, the host of a magazine radio programme, Brekete Family, has apologised for assaulting his studio guest.

In a BBC documentary, the radio presenter was seen slapping a lady, who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire over an allegation that the girl is a witch.

The viral clip was met with public backlash including condemnation by the National Human Rights Commission and The National Broadcasting Commission

Reacting to the public backlash during his radio program on Wednesday, Isah said he was overtaken by his emotions and the incident happened three months ago.

“I call as somebody that is ashamed of himsel” he said

“After three months…when they saw that police did not arrest the aunty…they came to me. They brought her in the evening after I have treated 200 cases.

When they brought her, she was not remorseful. That was why I slapped her and I am very sorry for what I did. People wanted to beat her but I stopped them,” he said.

He also accused BBC and its reporter, Peter, of editing the video to suit the aim of his detractors.

He alleged that the BBC removed the part where people almost lynched the accused lady but for his intervention. According to him, the BBC documentary was sponsored against him by some persons, including government officials.

“The video people saw was edited by the BBC.” He insisted.

“Me as a father, I am not proud of what I did. As a human being, I have special attachment to children. I made mistake when I slapped her, I immediately regretted what I did.

He added: “I am not competing against anybody, even though I know that sometimes I really overdo things. I begged Journalists to delete the video where I slapped her.”

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