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Kaduna Strike: ‘El-Rufai never believes he is wrong but we will compel him’ – NLC



The Nigerian Labour Congress has revealed that it is engaging in the five-day warning strike to not just protest against the Kaduna State government’s decision to disengage thousands of civil servants in the state but to also correct the state Governor, Nasi El-Rufai for anti-people policies.

The labour union’s Deputy President, Amechi Asugwuni stated this on Monday morning in an interview with Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily monitored by NewsWireNGR.

Mr Asugwuni cited El-Rufai’s involvement in the bill seeking to remove minimum wage from the legislative jurisdiction as one of the ways the governor had distanced himself from the welfare of the ordinary people.

Hence, the protest is not just to prevent the disengagement of staff but to also reinforce a peoples-first mentality in the state and for the whole Nigerians to be aware of what is happening in the state.

“This is not the first time this Governor is engaging in this form of act. Don’t forget that the recent resistent bill, the removal of minimum wage from the legislative means was also sponsored by this Governor,” the labour leader said.

“So it is not for him to accept, it is for us to resist him to accept because he has never believed that he is wrong and such persons you don’t take his words but you just do what is lawful until the law compel him to be humble.

“He has continued to advocate these evil practices against Nigerians here and if we don’t come out this way Nigerians may not know what is happening.”

The strike which has kicked-off on Monday has grounded activities in the state and on Sunday, there was blackout in the state in compliance with the strike. The blackout is expected to continue throughout the strike action.

This grounded state has affected the quality of lives in the state but Asugwuni said that despite being open for dialogue, the strike continues because of its intended purpose.

“As for engagement, we are hoping to dialogue, we are waiting on any genuine call. If there is an official communication to NLC, we will avail ourselves.

“But until that is done, this action continues. Even in the midst of engagement, I do not think there is anything that will stop this action because the action is not meat to threaten but to correct the abnormality.”

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