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Remi Oyeyemi: Channels TV and the Cowardice of Power



By Remi Oyeyemi
“Every revolutionary may not be an angry man, but every angry man advances the revolution.”                              -Chairman Mao Tse Tung
The feeling is very palpable. With average effort, if one had the intention, one could touch it. The stench of it is malodorous. It reeks. The effluvium flails like a flag waived in opprobrium. It is the usual sign for those who understand the dynamics involved or could be involved. It is a sign decipherable for those not cocooned in the membrane of vacuous invulnerability. It could only be appreciated by those who have rejected the robes of self-deceit, self-denial and chicanery.
They are jittery. They are jumpy. They are anxious and antsy. They are nervous and anxious. They themselves could feel and read the ominous signs. But they are too psychologically perplexed to know how to react. They’re seamlessly perturbed and puzzled. Mentally, they are tortured and tormented. Their minds are in quandary.
They realize what is coming, but they are in denial. They have convinced themselves that applied force would overcome applied will. In their fuliginous minds, strong-willed man is superior to the will of man and could subdue it. The power tucked into the tapestry of the will of man and nature is opaque to them. Frosty and hazy to their consciousness. They have no idea of the futility of riding against the tide of nature. 
They have read History. They know History. But they have no respect for the knowledge that History avails. its lessons mean nothing to them. They flagrantly flaunt their disregard for the feelings of the people. With deliberate obtuseness, they draped their arrogance with garish gusto, gallivanting all over our place with “Tani yio mu mi?” attitude. They believe that with the appurtenances of State power, they would break their victims, their unwilling slaves.
But the captives are about to break free. They are about to unshackle their ankles. With furnacious fervour, they are taking apart the blocks of their captivity. They are shredding the shields of their subjugation and mutilating the tables of their traducers. They are unwilling to be slaves. They would not be denied their liberties. They’re making it clear that they would never consent to being enslaved. 
They are not even scared of the appurtenances of State power. They are ready to meet force with force. They are making it clear, that oppressors could be vulnerable to firepower too. That as this progresses, there would be no hiding place for politicians of poverty and violence and their relatives. They are equal opportunity distributors of consequences for choices made. 
The murderers of our people in Aso Rock and various Government houses across the country were and are still counting on the use of force to cower everyone. They are ebullient in their confidence in the expectations of docile response of the autochthonous ethnic nationalities. It was their summation that divide and rule tactics would make it easier for them to run over the ethnic nationalities from Kaduna to Calabar and from Lagos to Ogoja.
This is what they want the unwary to know. This is what they want them to have at the back of their minds. This is what they want ingrained in their psyche. They want the people to think that they and their children are trapped. They have no way out. They want to take the hope of and for freedom from them. Acting on their own fears, they want to scare everyone into submission and acquiescence.
Channels Television is trying to undermine this strategy. It is trying to give hope to the populace that there is active resistance simmering. That liberation is on the march. That the march to freedom is very active. That the prospective slave owners and their house slaves euphemized as Governors, Senators and Parliamentarians do not call the shots. This is the sin of the Channels Television.
That interview with Emma Powerful (wow… what a name) is infused with hope and joy for the oppressed. As encrypted as it was, the interview tore into tatters the tapestry of tall  tales told on daily basis by the Joseph Goebbels of this murderous administration, the invaders of our land, that we don’t have a choice than to give up our ancestral land, become slaves or we lose our lives.
That interview by Channels Television is like a poisonous dagger to the spinal cord of the murderers, their sponsors and their apologists. It has raised a new army of resistance. Emma Powerful, in that interview was like the Sun, extricating itself from the beautiful bosom of the East, ripping apart the morning curtains to bring forth a new day. Yes, a new day of hope for and of freedom and liberty. 
The interview activated what Chairman Mao characterized as “the bastion of Iron” in his January 27, 1934 speech to his followers. The “bastion of Iron”, according to him, “is the masses, the millions upon millions of people who genuinely and sincerely support the revolution. That is the real iron bastion, which it is impossible, and impossible, for any force on earth to smash.”
This is the kernel of the issue. The aspiring slave owners are shaken with fear. The Fulani Government of Nigeria is desperate. The invaders are scared. The murderers are witnessing a burst in their bubbles. Their pains have discombobulated their thoughts. They have become erratic. Emma Powerful has done a powerful damage to their agenda and strategy. And he is beyond their reach. The resultant aggression had to be transferred to Channels Television. 
This action by the Fulani Government of Nigeria has given a new life to the new struggle for the realization of Biafra. It, in clear terms, brought nearer home, as Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo posited, the promise of God to Nigeria to meet its destiny of balkanization. For Biafra to be born again. For Oòduà to be baptized into reality. For Arewa to be married to Niger Republic. And for all other freedom seeking ethnic nationalities to be free from Fulani bondage.
The people have known the truth, that power could be challenged. That power is as vacuous as an empty can that could be kicked in every and any direction the people wished. Emma Powerful has powerfully reinforced that truth. And that truth shall make the people free.
Biafra shall be born again. There will be a new day in Oòduà land. Join the freedom train. There is no turning back.
“In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome it.”          –  John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1961


©Remi Oyeyemi


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