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We have strengthened security at the borders to prevent infiltration from Chad – Defence Minister



Minister of defence, Bashir Magashi on Thursday disclosed that Nigeria has strengthened security at the borders to avoid mass infiltration of Chadian refugees into Nigeria.

Speaking during a state house briefing, Magashi said the move was necessary following recent development in Chad.

Chad, based in the Sahel region lost its President, Idriss Deby Itno, who died of injuries suffered on the frontline on Tuesday.

Mahamat, son of the late President Idriss Deby, took over as leader of Chad following his father’s death on Tuesday.

Mahamat was appointed to lead a military council set up after his father was killed by rebel forces.

The incident has since caused unrest over the countries surrounding Chad with the fear that insurgents will spread from the troubled country.

Speaking at the media briefing on Thursday, Magashi expressed optimism that security forces will adequately address the situation should there be a crisis.

“We are beefing up security at our borders, following the developments in Chad,” he said.

“When we heard of the death of the Chadian president, the government took action immediately. We beefed up security on our borders with Chad, not to allow the influx of Chadian refugees into Nigeria.

“If there’s no security in Chad, there will be a lot of trouble for all neighbouring countries. But thankfully, we have a lot of ongoing military cooperation, through the MNJTF, which we expect to continue. We remain mindful of our borders and developments in Chad.

“The task of ensuring security is not for the security and law enforcement agencies alone. It must be seen as a collective effort that requires credible intelligence that can best be provided by local communities.”

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