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#SaabGate: Joe Abah denies involvement in Alex Saab campaign

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Joe Abah, a former director-general of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, has denied being involved in a social media campaign to whitewash an international criminal, Alex Saab.

An investigation by BuzzFeed on Thursday had revealed that representatives of Alex Saab contracted Twitter influencers from Nigeria, Ghana, and Senagal to condemn the arrest and detention of Saab.

The report titled, ‘Why Do A Bunch Of Nigerian Twitter Influencers Want This Alleged Money Launderer To Go Free? They’re Being Paid’ maintained that the campaign was responsible for the suspension of over 10 Nigerian Twitter influencers.

Alex Saab is a Colombian-born businessman who is being investigated by Colombian authorities for alleged money laundering, due to his relationship with the Venezuelan government between 2004 and 2011.

Later revelation from the scandal has alleged that Joe Abah was part of the contracted influencers.

An account with username, @GhenhisKhan in a social media post on Saturday claimed to have the strategy document of the Campaign.

“Interesting that I am actually in possession of a “social media strategy” document for Alex Saab campaign – the social media user wrote on twitter.

He continued, “While some got $10 for the job ,others were offered $4000 – Make we flash proof ? Or i should mind my business as usual ?”

The alleged social media document screen grab posted by GhenhisKhan had the twitter handles of the following social media users included as persons to be contacted to be a part of the campaign including that or Mr Abah. @cchukudebelu, @Tutsy22, @InibeheEffiong, @HenryShield, @Omojuwa, @MrFixNigeria, @JoeAbah

Reacting to the allegation however, Mr Abah denied he was involved, neither is he a social media influencer.

“Good morning. I have seen a “Social Media Strategy” listing some handles including mine in relation to one Alex Saab. I can confirm that I don’t know Alex Saab, was never contacted by anybody in relation to Alex Saab or anybody else, never tweeted anything & am not an influencer,” he tweeted on Sunday morning.

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