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Video: Banky W, Adesua narrate their miscarriage experience



Nigerian celebrity couple, Bankole Wellington and Adesua Etomi have shared how they initially lost a twin pregnancy to miscarriage before birthing their first son, Zaiah Wellington. at the Waterbrook Church in Lagos on Easter Sunday.

Their message, titled “Final Say Faith” they said, was shared to inspire, encourage their congregation to build their faith.

So we got pregnant and we got pregnant with twins. And we had gone for the scans, we had seen the heartbeats. At this point very few people knew what happened,” Adesua said.

“Every report that you have heard was a lie because nobody knew what happened. So during a routine checkup, we went back to the hospital to have a scan and I just saw the doctor’s face…you know when something is wrong, sometimes you can tell.”

She was scanning and scanning and I was like what’s wrong and she said ‘oh nothing’ and I looked at the nurse’s face I’m and asked what’s wrong and she said ‘Adesua’ I’m looking for the heartbeats and I said ‘for the two of them?’.”

The star actress continued that she fainted when she got home from the hospital.

So I went home and I remember Banky not being at that time and I remember collapsing on the floor wailing. Wailing is different from crying, it’s like a deep groin in your chest. I’m sharing because many women go through this and nobody talks about it because it is almost like a thing of shame for whatever reason and I don’t know why,” she added.

So we said we were going to pray over the weekend and go back for the scan on Tuesday or Monday can’t remember now, hoping that God would do something.”

The husband, Bankole Wellington added that the heartbeat of the babies stopped and they started shrinking.

Monday or Tuesday can and we went for the scan, not only did we not see heartbeats but the embryos were shrinking, they were decaying. When we found out we were losing them and we needed to do an evacuation, it was a very emotional time for her,” he said.

But after a long trying period of losing their baby and deciding to adopt or do surrogacy, the couple were finally blessed with their first child, Zaiah in early 2021.

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