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Scam alert: US Government issues warning on fraudulent work visas



The United States Government has warned Nigerians to be careful of a fraudulent “press release” claiming to offer work visa to Nigerians.

The US made the announcement Thursday morning in a Social media statement on its US Mission to Nigeria.

It added in the statement that the fraudulent work visa targeted at persons within the age of 40-55 is a recycled fraudulent scheme with a new packaging.

“Scammers and fraudsters are circulating a fake “press release” claiming to offer a new type of work visa to Nigerian citizens aged 40-55. It’s the same old scam, but in fresh packaging – don’t become a victim!”

The statement concludes with a sample of the fraudulent press release and directions to get legitimate information on getting a visa.

“If you have questions about whether visa information is legitimate, please refer only to official sources:,, and”

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