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The corruption in the healthcare system is alarming – Edo Governor



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Edo state Governor Godwin Obaseki has raised alarm over the level of corruption in the state’s healthcare system.

During a town hall meeting with medical doctors in the state, on Sunday, the Governor said the state’s healthcare system will now be operated in a different manner, and that corruption is no longer acceptable.

The governor said the Edo people have lost faith in the medical capabilities of the state, adding that the healthcare system has collapsed.

“I have seen corruption like never before in the healthcare system. The level of corruption in the healthcare system in the state is alarming and unacceptable. We have drawn the line; it will no longer be business as usual. It’s left to you to either join us or take a bow honourably,” he said.

“Patients in these areas visit private hospitals because they have lost faith in our system. On no account should any doctor refuse posting. For the past 10 months now, I have had the opportunity to discuss the healthcare system in the state, it is so clear the system has collapsed.

“I have information to this effect. We have no choice, but to move forward and collectively, we must improve the system and make the people trust the system again.

“We have come to the end of the road of the old order, and now we must chart a new course for a better and improved healthcare system in Edo state.”

Obaseki said doctors must now be accountable by working to justify their pay by the state government.

He decried the lack of records of monthly patients attended to, saying it is not readily available in most hospitals.

“Every doctor must now account for what they do to justify their salaries, we must be up and doing as some of you earn twice more than me, who is the governor of the state,” he said.

“You have to provide a good healthcare system for Edo people; we must improve our healthcare system. I will put my life on the line for Edo people, their health is important to me and worth dying for; they voted me into power.

“We, as the authority that is supposed to certify death and issue certificates, do not have records that can easily be accessed.”

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