Igbo youths will resist COVID-19 vaccines ‘with our sweat and blood’ – Ohanaeze Ndigbo vows

Igbo socio cultural Youth organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide has issued a stern warning to the Federal Ministry of Health to resist the temptation of ordering the distribution or administration of the imported covid 19 vaccines to the people of Southeast geo political zone.

OYC insists there is an alleged (evil) plot to use Igbos as Guinea pigs to test-run the efficacy of the imported covid 19 vaccines.

The group cited intelligence showing that the imported vaccine might be the substandard brand and not suitable for human beings.

“We wish to alert Igbos not to accept any free vaccines in any part of Southeast or anywhere in Nigeria, there are attempts to invade igboland with covid 19 vaccines and igbo youths will resist it with our sweat and blood,” parts of the statement signed by OYC President General, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, stated.

OYC further warned that any health official who insists on administering the vaccines must show example by administering it to himself or herself in public first.

“Our expectations are that, there should be public administration of these vaccines to top government officials as a measure of encouragement for public acceptance and any Igbo politician championing the covid 19 vaccines in the Southeast must use himself or herself and immediate family to test run it before the public.

“If there’s no causality after 4 days, OYC will lead the campaign for public acceptance. Igbos should avoid the vaccines and resist the distribution.”

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