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Amnesty International responds to threat of attacks against staff, supporters

Amnesty International Friday responded to threat of attacks against staff, supporters, and promises by persons described as ‘faceless and unknown group’ according to the rights group.  

The International human rights group responded via a public statement posted on its verified Twitter account @AmnestyNigeria, and monitored by NewsWireNGR

NewsWireNGR had reported that a non-governmental organisation, The Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-economic Rights (CALSER) issued Amnesty International a 7-day ultimatum to evacuate Nigeria or risk ‘civil disobedience to it’s Abuja and Lagos offices on a scale that would make the campaign of looting and arson it facilitated appear like child’s play’.

In the released statement today, Amnesty International condemned the threat of attack, reiterates its commitments to hold authorities accountable for their human rights obligations and calls on the Nigerian government to ensure the protection of lives and properties in the country. 

The statement reads, 

Amnesty International draws the attention of the Nigerian authorities and the general public to the intimidation and outright threats of attacks that were issued against its staff, supporters, and premises by a faceless ad unknown group at a press conference held on 4 November 2020. Similar faceless groups had previously invaded our office and given us an ultimatum to leave Nigeria. 

Amnesty International is a global human rights movement and “we are independent of any government”, according to the information about the organisation on its website.

The organisation also exposes human rights violations and seeks redress for them . 

The group added, that the Nigerian authorities owe a legal duty to ensure the protection of lives and properties of every person in the country.

“Malicious threats will not deter us from continuing to speak against human rights violations and abuses by state and non-state actors,”  the statement concluded..

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