Lekki shootings: Evidences were tampered with – Former Deputy Director, DSS

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 A former Deputy director of the State Security Service, Dennis Amachree, has confirmed allegations that evidence at the Lekki toll gate shootings were tampered with. 

Amachree made this statement today, Wednesday, while speaking at an interview at Sunrise Daily, Channels Television, monitored by NewsWireNGR

He also said that from the way the events unfolded; the government did not look like they were willing to investigate the shootings until much later, and this reactive response will affect the judgement of the judicial panel. 

The former deputy director also stated that the camera found by the Minister of power must have been planted by someone. 

“We were not ready, in fact, the investigation was an afterthought. Because anytime, there is a problem and we know that it is going to be investigated, then the investigators need to move in and cover up the area.

A lot of evidence in this investigation was tampered with. Even if they were dead bodies, they should have been left there so we can see them and identify who they were. But everything was just removed.”

“That camcorder looks planted because there is no way that it was in plain view so how come it was there and no one saw it. And it is not so tiny. I want to see that camera, because whoever planted that camera must have put something in it to change narratives. 

“They will do their best under the circumstance, there is apparent evidence that can be dealt with, like who invited them and others. But when it comes to nitty-gritty evidence like where are the bullets, where do they come from because a very good lawyer can defend that these are not our bullets.” 

On Tuesday, the Attorney General to the federation said that the people who shot at the toll gate might be hoodlums under military uniforms; Amachree dispelled that claim and said that the bullets gave a clue that they were real military officers. 

“If the people there were in fake army uniforms and they shot some guns, some bullets cases were discovered, the common arms used in the society here is AK-47, that is 9milimetre, now when you go to the type of cases that was found there, we have about 7.62 rifle cartridge cases that was there, you know those ones are specifically military grades. So if those people were wearing fake military uniforms, so how did they come about those bullets? 

Recall that on October 20, peaceful protesters were shot at by Nigerian soldiers at Lekki toll gate. The Nigerian Army initially denied that their men were not at the scene of the shootings 

But they later admitted that it was the Lagos state government who requested them to be there. 

In response to the shootings, the government set up a judicial panel to look into what happened that night and also review all cases of SARS-related abuses.

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