Leaving leadership in the music business was like therapy – M.I Abaga

Award-winning hip-hop artist, producer, and former CEO of Chocolate City, Jude Abaga, popularly known as ‘M.I’, says leaving his leadership position in the has been therapeutic

He said this while discussing his journey through music, rise to fame, scandals, and more with host and founder of Joy Inc., Chude Jideonwo. 

M.I who has over the years faced bouts of criticisms from fans, artistes, and members of his former record label said he does not let that get to him because the only opinion that really matters is his.  

Reflecting on the period when Jesse Jagz left Chocolate City, M.I told Chude that he refused to take legal action against him because he is family. In his words, “I’m not going to fight my brother in public because of contracts that we signed. So, I said let it go; he’s my brother,” he said.  

However, Jesse was not the only artiste that M.I had to let off the hook. He also recounted his experiences with other artistes and the sacrifices he made for them and the record label. “And at the end of the day if the world says we’re going to take all this and call it trash, what can you do? You keep moving,” he said. 

Though he is aware that the majority of the backlash he gets on social media are mere publicity stunts, M.I still believes that it is far better to look bad on social media than look bad in reality. “It is okay not to win the fame game,” he said. 

Despite the challenges he faced while in Chocolate City, M.I admits that he gave it his best shot, and doesn’t regret the time spent as the experiences and lessons learnt over the years have shaped him into the man he is today. 

With two new ventures in the works – Task and Incredible Music, M.I is optimistic that there will be more outstanding advancements in his career in the near future.

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