Kannywood will soon be on global entertainment map – Kano Censorship Board

The Executive Secretary, Kano State Censorship Board, Alhaji Ismail Na’abba Afakallah has stated the Board is working earnestly to ensure Kannywood is spotted on the global entertainment map.

Afakallah who revealed this during an interview with Arewa Agenda, noted that the Hausa film industry is currently stalemated not because it lacks creativity but because it doesn’t have capacity to move with evolving trend to match its contemporaries in the world.

Being a regulatory body who is also mandated with the task of ensuring that the Kano based film industry reaches its full potentials, Afakallah revealed that the Board is restructuring the industry and soon a lot of its operations will take place online.

“The world today is globalized. If you want to see the potentialities of Kannywood, the nature of its market in Africa, the number of Cinemas in Kano and the Local Government where they are located, the size of investments in the industry and so on, once you log on to our online portal you will get all these data.

So, someone in America who wants to come and do a film in Kano will be able to log on get the necessary information before deciding to travel down, so you see, Kannywood don’t have all these now but based on what we want to do, it will help a lot in ensuring that we put Kannywood on a Global Map for lasting progress and wealth creation.”

“Part of the things that can advance the trade are these things we are doing, we have trained about 450 persons in the trade in 2018, also we went to Morocco to study their filmmaking techniques.

Recently the Kano State Executive Council approved about 16 million Naira for an online censorship board where every of our operations from upcoming movies to censoring and regulations will be undertaken online, we give feedback and corrections you affect them and we issue you certificate and so on that is why we profiled all filmmakers right from the writers and so on so we can just do a lot of things virtually without the need for a physical meeting.” He said.

Kannywood is the Hausa Language film industry of Northern Nigeria based in Kano State.

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