COVID-19: Lagos releases guidelines for cinemas, hotels, bars to reopen

Lagos State government has released guidelines and protocols for the reopening of tourism and hospitality businesses as the state prepares to reopen its economy.

This is in a statement released over the weekend by the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf.

Yussuf says the protocols and guidelines are being set to ensure the health and safety of guests and staff of such facilities.

“The rules will affect all accommodation establishments such as hotels, motels, apartments, suites, inns, guest houses among others

“Tourism enterprises such as event centres and food companies like restaurants, eateries, fast food, lounge and bars, and cinemas”

This is coming after the Covid-19 pandemic has forced all businesses the world over to shutdown.

What are the guidelines/rules?

It is mandatory for all and sundry to put on a face mask, wash their hands, use hand sanitizers, maintain social distancing, submit themselves for temperature checks, encourage cashless transactions and disinfect all premises and buildings before reopening/allowing guests in.

Hotels, motels, suites inns, guest houses

Must operate at 50% capacity so as to maintain physical distancing, dinning tables must be seperated.

All guests above 18 years old visiting hotels are expected to sign a COVID-19 form at the reception with the guests name, address and phone number for easy contact tracing.

Restaurants and eateries

Restaurants and eatery owners are expected to put two metres spacing on the floor to customers on the physical distancing safe measure.

Fast food outlets and eateries are still expected to maintain take-away services.

Event centres and entertainment spaces

According to Yussuf, owners of event centres and entertainment spaces must hold a valid licence and also have a event safety clearance form from the government.

“Occupancy for any event must not exceed 50% maximum capacity of the hall with a maximum duration of three hours for all social events.

Sitting arrangement for event centres must also comply with the two metres physical spacing.

All tables must be arranged five metres away from each other to maintain safe distance and free movements”

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