Federal government approves extension of network connectivity in northern Nigeria

The Nigerian government has approved the National Information Communications Technology Infrastructure Backbone ,NICTIB II, for the extension of provide fibre connectivity network to the hinterland towards the northern part of the country.

This will cover about 19 more states across the country which will in turn improve broadband penetration in Nigeria.

The Managing Director, Galaxy Backbone, GBB, Professor, Mohammed Abubakar disclosed this during familiarisation tour of Galaxy Back Bone Limited Tier III Data and Network Operations Centre by the Emir of Gombe, Alhaji Abubakar Shehu-Abubakar lll, in Abuja.

Professor Abubakar explained that NICTIB I, focused on Southern part of Nigeria, South-south, South-east and South-west, while NICTIB II would focused more on the North-east  and North-west of the country, stressing that the farther network would provide a backbone.

“Recently, there was an approval from the government to go on with what we call the NICTIB II project. When we bring the network, we will try to distribute it to all the cities so that anywhere you are, you can use the fiber comfortably”

“We were able to pull the fiber cables from Lagos came down to some parts of the South-south, we came to South-east, Enugu, and we came to Calabar, Porthacour, we came down to Makurdi and then Nasarawa State and Abuja, so we now have our presence in terms of fiber optics along those routes,” he stated.

Emphasising on the capacity of of the  NICTIB II project, the Galaxy Backbone Boss said; “the NIPTIP 11 is focusing on the hinterland that is towards the northern part of the country, we will roll-out this particular Backbone infrastructure to move from Abuja to Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Kano, and the Northwest.

“That is what we are doing and it will cover most of the states in the north and then apart from what we call the Metro Fiber Network in major cities.That is what we are doing and it will cover most of the states in the north and then apart from what we call the Metro Fiber Network in major cities.”

He said that the provision of network connectivity provided by the GBB through the NICTIB II project would enabled organisations, enterprises and individuals to communicate effectively.

On the issue of Enterprises, like the ecommerce, Professor Abubakar said that the NICTIB II would boost Nigeria’s digital economy, improve ease of doing businesses and improve the livelihood of citizens.

He, however, promised that the network would be equally distributed so that every city would have the same backbone and use the fiber effective and efficiency.

The Emir, Alhaji Abubakar who was accompanied  by his entourage, expressed delight and commended the government as well as the GBB for the successes so far achieved and the  deployment of the NICTIB II project.

He said that the project would go a long way helping people, especially in the rural areas in the area of communication, businesses and their day to day activities and other things that requires the use of the fiber.

“We are very glad and we cannot wait to start enjoying this fiber in Gombe State,” the Emir added.


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