Emmanuel Omale; pastor implicated in money laundering charges, says Magu is his ‘son’

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A Nigerian pastor, Emmanuel Omale, has again reacted to the allegation that he bought a landed property worth N573 million in Dubai on behalf of the suspended Economic Financial and Crimes Commission (EFCC), Chairman, Ibrahim Magu.

Mr Omale said Mr Magu, like every other world leaders, is his son.

The General Overseer of ‘Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International’, Abuja, made this disclosure in a viral YouTube video while explaining his innocence to his congregation.

“What is going on about prophet on liberation on social media is a lie,” Mr Omale said. “l don’t launder money for anybody, it is a lie from the pit of hell. I have sons all over the world and I have about seven presidents in the world that I pray for them.

“They call me for advice and counselling and there is nobody that doesn’t come here in this country and beyond. This alter is for everybody, it’s for Muslim, pagan and everybody.”

Speaking on his relationship with Mr Magu, the cleric said, “Ibrahim Magu is not the only Muslim that use to come here. People in government come here and they even sleep here.

“They talk to God and they have result. I’m not surprised because Jesus went through this. If Jesus was not persecuted, they will not hear his name. My name is everywhere. People that doesn’t (sic) know Omale know Omale now.

“…If I want to do this kind of publicity, the money is much but now people know me and they go to my YouTube page and they will see the power of God there and they will become my son again.”

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