Covid-19: Kano commences house to house testing

Kano State has commenced community sampling involving house to house search and testing for Covid 19 patients in order to expedite action in curtailing the spread of the pandemic, which has now entered community transmission in the state.

The Head Technical Response Committee of the Kano State Covid 19 Taskforce,  Dr. Tijjani Husain stated this at the committee media briefing held at the Government House,Kano on Thursday.

He said the new community sampling method, which was at the pilot stage to ensure mass testing is a departure from the old system of selective case testing.

” This is a modified way of doing this, so that we identify as many cases as possible, so that we test as many suspects as possible, we isolate as many cases as possible and we put on treatment as many cases as possible so that we get to the end of this outbreak.”

“Looking at concentration of cases at particular location we are piloting community sampling. We are no longer waiting for people to call us but we are going actively to search for for these cases.”

“The pilot is going on in two wards within the Kano metropolis, Zango ward in Kano Municipal and Dorayi ward of Gawale local government. This pilot will allow us to go out enmass and actively to do active case searches, and Community sampling ,” Dr. Tijjani explained.

Kano state governor Dr. Umar Ganduje said fumigation of markets in the second biggest commercial city in Nigeria have commenced to ensure that they would not become agent and centers of distribution of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state as business partially resume. 

He said the action being undertaken by the state Ministry of Environment,  was part of the agreement reached with the market leaders  in a meeting recently held.

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