Coronavirus patients in Wuhan spit at doctors to spread disease

A South African teacher trapped in Wuhan, China has revealed that coronavirus patients in the coronavirus epicenter deliberately spit at health care workers to spread the highly contagious respiratory virus. Her explosive claims come amid the coronavirus scare that has taken over several parts of the world in recent weeks.

“I’ve heard shocking stories about infected people going out of their way to contaminate others by taking off their masks and spitting in doctors’ faces,” revealed the teacher, Jessica Bailing. “I saw one video of a man spitting on all of the buttons in an apartment elevator,” she added.

As the situation in Wuhan gets worse by the day, Bailing is now afraid to leave their home, worrying she might contract the deadly disease. “I covered myself from head-to-toe with gloves on my hands, glasses to cover my eyes and of course, my mask,” she said.

In Wuhan alone, figures show that cases of coronavirus have tripled in just three days. 6,100 have already been infected with the virus since the outbreak started a month ago, 133 of which have already died. However, leading scientists believe that the actual number of patients infected with coronavirus is far greater than the official toll.

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