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Aisha Yesufu: Nigerians Are Dying Everyday Due To Major General Buhari’s Incompetence



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Thirty two citizens reported to be killed by Boko Haram and thirty five injured and it is silence in Nigeria as if nothing happened. Fellow citizens have been killed by terrorists and not an address by the Head of State or from the relevant authorities. If it was opposition that said something about the head of State there would be response from several Spokespersons of the head of State. How did we become so callous? How did life of our fellow citizens mean so little? All throughout yesterday on my Twitter handle, paid trolls of government and also sycophants were all over my timeline attacking me for saying Major General Buhari is incompetent, clueless, corrupt, inept and a failure #ICCIF. They spent all day attacking me while the incompetence, cluelessness, corruption, ineptitude and failure of Major General Buhari was glaring in the attack by Boko Haram, killing of citizens and silence on the part of government.

Major General Buhari is the worst Commander-in-chief Nigeria has had the misfortune of having. His training as a military officer is a colossal waste. He has not shown capacity to occupy the position of being in charge of our security as a Nation. How can we continue to have the terrorists being more strategic that our own military? How can the Commander-in-chief still keep the Service Chiefs after repeated exhibition of their failure? Where is the Chief of Defence Staff? What is he coordinating? What is he doing to ensure that Nigeria is protected? Why do we have Heads of Security Agencies? Is it so they can watch terrorists continue to kill us as they wish? Why is the State Security Services more interest in arresting citizens making demands on government rather than infiltrating the terrorists Assembly and gathering intelligence? Where are all the arms that Major General Buhari supposedly bought with the funds he withdrew without approval from National Assembly? Where are the jets purchased with the billions budgeted for this crazy war that has drained us all and put tears in our faces?

Are we going to watch Boko Haram become more emboldened, attacking us while military repel and tell us they have rescued numbers of which we are never given their names or verified nor any of those in captivity whose names are known ever rescued?

How come the same Boko Haram that were said to have been defeated are still fighting us this strongly and with the capacity to inflict so much pain on us? Where is the strategic leadership? Are we going to all die before government can do the needful? Why are we allowed to be at the mercy of the incompetence of Major General Buhari? So the lives of the Nigerians that died near Cameroon do not matter? Is it only the lives of those in Abuja that matter?

When citizens in other countries that their government care about them are killed Nigerian government shows concerns and Major General Buhari is quick  to release a statement but when it is Nigerian citizens that are killed he would not be bothered. How did we come to mean so little to this government? We always shout that the world does not sympathise with us the way it sympathises with other citizens when they are affected yet we do not even care when our own are killed.

Where is the outrage from the Northern people that were angry during the administration of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and accused him of deliberately killing their people? So was it the fact that the killings were done under a Southern President and not under a Northern President that was the issue? What about the Islamic organisations that cried out that their people were being killed? Where is their outcry now that a Muslim is in power? Does the fact that the President is a Muslim make it okay?

The sycophants who gleefully shared pictures of attacks during former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and called him all sorts of names are now silent! They now see it as helping Boko Haram when such pictures are shared and also when the News is reported. Were they helping Boko Haram when they made demands whenever such killings occurred during Jonathan?

What is the use of a government that cannot protect the lives and properties of its citizens or even show remorse when they are killed? Is the life of chicken worth more than that of Nigerian citizen? We have since concluded that the life of a cow seem to be of more value to this government than the life of the citizens. What is the worth of the life of a Nigerian to another Nigeria? We must ask ourselves this question. The way people are killed and we seem to not care is the way others will not care if we are the victims. As long as we do nothing we are only waiting for the inevitable to happen. Those who have been killed before will not be killed again. The next to be killed would be you and I that are alive.

Who is next?


Article written by Activist, Aisha Yesufu

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