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Nigerian Christians Enjoy More Holidays In Nigeria Than Muslims – MURIC is upset

The Muslim Rights Concern has claimed that Christians in Nigeria enjoy more holidays than Muslims in the country. 

MURIC made this assertion in a statement released on Friday by its Director, Ishaq Akintola, in reaction to an earlier claim by the Christian Association of Nigeria that Christians were being persecuted in the country. 

Akintola said, “CAN claims it is being persecuted but fails to substantiate its allegation in concrete terms.

“However, the last holiday of Wednesday, January 1, 2020 which is an annual event has exposed CAN. 

“Nigerian Christians enjoy the New Year holiday on January 1 every year even without asking for it because that was the arrangement made by the British colonial master. But CAN still claims ‘persecution’ even though it is placed at an advantaged position.

“But when the Muslims’ first day of the year comes (1st Muharram), there will be no holiday. When will CAN put itself in the Muslims’ shoes? Or rather when, indeed, will the Nigerian Government give Muslims what the colonial masters denied them but gave Christians? When will the Muslims get justice in this country? Here is persecution of Muslims that even CAN cannot deny. 

“Christians have five out of the eight holidays enjoyed by Nigerians. Muslims have three only. Yet CAN claims persecution. Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year Day, Easter Monday and Good Friday are all for Christians. We dare CAN to deny it. Are these not concrete privileges enjoyed by Christians? 

“CAN knows that it is the Muslims who are denied certain fundamental human rights but it is determined to maintain the status quo. The modus operandi adopted by CAN to ensure that Muslims never get their rights is to perpetually cry out with claims of persecution and also to oppose every attempt to give Muslims their rights.

“MURIC will not be deterred from pursuing Islamic liberation theology to a logical conclusion in Nigeria. We assert clearly, categorically and unequivocally that Muslims are in bondage in this country. Why should one group get all the honey in the land while the other is ignored? We demand equal rights and justice.”

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