#BreatheCampaign: Anti-tobacco PSA Showcases Silent Abuse Faced By Second-hand Smokers

Data shows us that the majority of people do not directly smoke. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 4 out of every 10 active smokers in Nigeria have tried to quit. But second hand smokers barely realise that they are affected and exposed to the same harmful substances as active smokers and which is responsible for millions of tobacco related diseases, disabilities and deaths.

“Physical Abuse”, a powerful new Public Service Announcement produced by Gatefield TV for the #BreatheCampaign highlights this silent damage to passive [second-hand] smokers who oblivious of the fact that they are endangered, do not have the luxury to make a decision to quit smoking as well. 

“You don’t smoke yet the rings of smoke from someone else’s smoking get you all the effect of smoking and probably more. Enough of killing me softly. Let’s keep our lungs fresh by staying away from smoking and second hand smoking,” Aisha Yesufu, a leader of the Bring Back Our Girls movement said reacting to the video.

Watch: https://youtu.be/On5zTZKPi4Y   

At the end of the video, the audience is directed to a website, tobaccofree.ng that reveals that smoking in public places is illegal and perhaps leaves us with a more compelling message that second-hand smokers are mostly oppressed but not helpless – they have a legal right to clean, smoke-free air. Nigeria banned smoking in public-places but the law is yet to be implemented.

Credits:  Director; Cynthia Dieyi | Production Team; Sola Bakare, Ubong Etim, Lori Anaro | Cast; Ubong Etim, Annie Gberikon, Nathaniel Bello, Sola Bakare, Miracle John.


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