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Senator Ali Ndume’s Suspension “Will Make Him Better” – Senate Spokesman



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Sabi Abdullahi, spokesman of the senate, says the suspension handed Ali Ndume, senator representing Borno south, will make him a “better” version of himself.

On Wednesday, Ndume resumed his responsibilities as a lawmaker after he was suspended for eight months.

Speaking with journalists on Thursday, Abdullahi said the punishment was not meted to Ndume out of hatred or wickedness.

He likened it to the tough-love approach parents sometimes employ when dealing with their children or wards.

“Let me also say that because punish your child does not mean that you hate the child or that you are a wicked person. In most instances, people who receive punishment turn out to be better. I want to assure you that you will see a better Ali Ndume in the chamber,” Abdullahi said.

“Ali Ndume is a senator just like everyone else in that chamber. He came back and went round to greet everybody. Did anyone turn him down when he stretched his hand for a shake? I shook him. Almost everyone else did too except those who were not within his reach.

“What more do you offer than a very good handshake? How do you show that you’ve missed a friend than a very good handshake? Do you expect us to get up and clap for him as he comes in? I don’t know what your definition of warm reception is.

“The media gave him a very good reception yesterday by focusing on his entrance into the chamber yesterday. He also gave us very good handshakes.

“The point he raised about the one-minute silence for late Senator Adeleke contradicts our rules; I think rue 56(3) or so which says a matter that has already been taken and concluded shall not be taken except by a fresh motion which will be done by the leave of the senate president.

“This is a very simple thing. He just wanted to express that he missed that moment when we stood up to observe that one-minute silence and he wanted to have his. But unfortunately, it goes against our rules. No hard feelings, we are all brothers.”

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