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We Borrowed N7trn So We Could Pay Salaries, Buhari Reminds Governors



President Muhammadu Buhari has reminded state governors the reason why his government has racked up a whopping 7.5 trillion Naira in debt since it came into office.

Speaking at the Villa when he received a delegation of traditional rulers on Monday, Buhari said government workers deserve their pay, urging the governors to sort the matter out quickly.

“There are Nigerians that haven’t be paid for six months. There are Nigerians that haven’t been paid their retirement benefits for years. I appeal to the governors; that is why we voted money, we borrowed money.

“Please, make sure (you pay) anybody under you. If he is working, he depends on the salary to pay rent, to hold his family, for education, health care…” Buhari said.

The rising debt profile of the country has been widely condemned, but the government remains adamant that its economic policy is the best way to go.

Addressing the traditional leaders, Buhari sued for peace and unity across the country, urging Nigerians to be more tolerant with one another.

“Please, continue to pacify your people, to tell them, please think of themselves and their neighbours and their states as all Nigerians. Let us continue to bear with your people”.

“Those who stand for elections, we know our limitations. We have to continue to strengthen our constitution, to strengthen the resolve of our people. To live together, (and) to work together” he said.

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