RECESSION: President Buhari Pleased With First Positive Growth

President Muhammadu Buhari is elated that Nigeria is finally out of recession albeit marginally.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Buhari noted that the ordinary Nigerian is yet to be directly impacted by the news.

He said until coming out of recession translates into meaningful impact, the government will not rest on its oars.

“I am pleased by the news of our emergence from the recession, and looking forward to ensuring that the ordinary Nigerian feels the impact.

“Until coming out of recession translates into a meaningful improvement in people’s lives, our work cannot be said to be done.

“I’m glad we’re starting to see the fruit of our work.But there’s still a lot to be done; we will not rest until all Nigerians feel the impact.

“The real change for Nigerians is an impact that is felt in their lives and their pockets. We are on the right path, and our work continues” Buhari said.

NewsWire reported that the Nigerian economy is finally out of recession which lasted for five quarters.

The National Bureau of Statistics announced that Nigeria’s GDP finally grew by 0.55 percent in the second quarter, but experts warn that it’s yet too early for celebrations.

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