Frank Edoho, No Longer The Host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Frank Edoho will not be returning as the host of the popular game show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.

Edoho, who hosted WWTBAM for 13 years, on Saturday said he decided to “walk away” after failing to agree on terms with Ultima Studios.

While making the announcement on Twitter, he urged fans to continue to watch the show, saying “no one is irreplaceable”.

He wrote: “Kindly allow me announce that after a disagreement in negotiations with @Ultimalimited I have decided to decline hosting WWTBAM any further.

“It’s been a wonderful 13 years and I have to thank all the viewers for making the show a runaway success.

“I would like to thank all my followers on Twitter for expressing concern when the show stopped and for the prayers for it to return.

“To the crew and staff of @WWTBAM who have become my family, I will miss you but you still have a job ahead of you.Good luck. I love you guys

“I implore all the fans of the show to support whoever the new host will be. Let’s make he or she the next big thing on TV.”

Edoho denied being “dropped” by the organisers of WWTBAM, maintaining that he “declined the offer” that was given to him.

“I wasn’t dropped. No agreement reached in negotiations so I decided to leave,” he said.

“I declined the offer. If the source says otherwise, I’ll unleash evidence. I’m not going to be silent about lies about me anymore.”

He also pointed out that his exit had nothing to do with MTN, noting that “they aren’t sponsors anymore”.

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