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Borno Elders Appeal to Buhari on Kaduna Shite Crisis, Reminds Govt of How the Northeast Suffered From Boko Haram



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Your Excellency,

The Borno Elders Forum (BEF) is constrained to write through the public medium to appeal to you to promptly intervene and amicably resolve the brewing religious stand-up in Kaduna State. From what we read and heard in the print and electronic media the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has been branded as an insurgency group and therefore outlawed. We see what is happening in Kaduna State as similar to what happened in Borno State back in 2009 leading to a sorry state of affairs in the State.

For the records, Mr. President, the Borno Elders Forum has no interest whatsoever in the existence or otherwise of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. However, we are deeply concerned that a dark history appears to be repeating itself and given our most horrifying experiences in the North-East, we as elders, owe you and our country the shared responsibility of pointing at potential danger and advising on ways to averting it.

Your Excellency may concur with us that there is the need to draw lessons from our recent and indeed ongoing crisis in the North-East and pockets of other crisis across the country. It is therefore necessary to take all the available routes to avert any further incidents. We wish to appeal to you to arrest the Kaduna situation and amicably settle all contending issues so that peace will reign in Central Nigeria. Our harrowing experiences in the North-East should be enough to guide us as a nation to cultivate peace and peaceful co- habitation.

Your Government has done tremendously well to curb the activities of the Boko Haram. We are all hopeful to return to peace and the nightmare of igniting another religious crisis should be avoided.

We cannot thank you enough Mr. President. We ever remain supportive, loyal and patriotic. May you continue to steer the affairs of our country in good health and success.

Amb. Usman Gaji Galtimari, CON
December 7, 2016

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